Butter confectionery project

Butter confectionery project

About Butter Confectionery Project

In this article, we are going to describe the actions of the famous Bater confectionery project located in Tehran.

Shirini Bater, located on Molla Sadra Street, Sheikh Bahai corner, is one of the most special and famous confectioneries in Tehran. We are very proud to have cooperated with Mr. Dr. Zanjani and Bozor Butter Confectionery in this project.

During the Butter confectionery project, 18 refrigerators and showcases for all kinds of cakes and sweets were presented to this confectionery. All these devices with the latest technologies have a cold humidity system. (The cold humidity system is a special mechanism for storing cakes and sweets, which has a significant effect on maintaining the freshness, aroma and taste of sweets.)

Showcases for fancy bread in thermo wood, special display cases for storing dry sweets, special tables for the interior, customer service tables, 2-meter standing refrigerator with 6 doors and all steel for inside the workshop, 2-meter standing freezer with 6 doors, all steel for use in The workshop is one of the other equipments that were added to Butter Confectionery in this project.

Butter confectionery project is one of the proudest projects of the team, the results of which can be seen by referring to Butter Confectionery located on Molla Sadra Street in Tehran.












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