Fadak confectionery project

Fadak confectionery project


About Fadak confectionery project

In this article, we are going to describe the actions of the famous Fadak confectionery project in Fars province.

Another important project that we intend to describe is the Fadak confectionery project located in Fars province and Larestan city. The employer of this project, Mr. Adeli, was the exemplary employer of 1395 and 1396 and the first holder of the German quality management standard badge. In addition to its fame and popularity in the supply of products in the country, this big confectionary has been and is proud in the field of export as well.

During the Fedak confectionery project, 20 refrigerators and showcases and workshop equipment including refrigerators for cakes and sweets with cold humidity, 7-story all-glass showcases with a special mechanism for storing dry sweets, all-glass store tables, standing refrigerators for cake storage, table freezers All the steel works for the workshop have been sent to Kanadi.









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