Khoshe Gonbad Kavos Confectionery project

Khoshe Gonbad Kavos Confectionery

About Khoshe Gonbad Kavos Confectionery

Employer: Mr. Naseri

Area : Gonbadkavus city

The Khooshe Gonbad Kavos confectionery project has been completed in Gonbad Kavos city. Kusheh sweets shop is located in Gonbad Kavos city and is considered one of the oldest branches of Kusheh sweets shops. It should be noted that this branch is known as the only 24-hour bakery in Iran.

The design and supply of refrigerators, showcases and sales tables for this sweet shop is done by our company. Over the past years, the owners of this sweet shop had purchased the refrigerators and display cases they needed from several prominent companies. But the owners of this confectionary were extremely unhappy with the showcases and refrigerators they had.

They believed that the quality of these showcases and refrigerators in keeping sweets is low. They considered the reason for the change in the taste and the drying of the sweets to be in the inappropriate and undesirable quality and material of the door and the structure of these types of refrigerators. The owners of this sweet shop asked for a conversation after getting to know our company to buy a confectionary refrigerator.

After making a previous appointment, they started talking and negotiating with us in person. Finally, after conducting the necessary negotiations, they decided to buy a refrigerator from our company.

They bought a total of 10 showcases, refrigerators and cash desks from our company. This collection was a complete package of confectionery refrigerators, including refrigerators for storing cakes and sweets, a display case for storing dry sweets, a cash desk and a dry refrigerator, which were delivered to them at the specified time.

The employer of this project is Mr. Naseri. According to the procedure of the rest of the projects carried out by our company, the design of the refrigerators has been done according to the internal conditions of the target shop. In such a way that the purchased refrigerators have the necessary proportion with the location.











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