Nutley confectionery project

Nutley confectionery project

About Nutley Confectionery Project

The first project we are going to discuss in this article is Nutley’s confectionery project. We are proud to have cooperated with Nutley’s Big Confectionery in this project and contributed to the development of its large branches.

Nutley Confectionery is one of the largest and most famous confectioneries in Iran with its quality products, brilliant history and numerous branches. The mentioned project is related to equipping the refrigerators of the last branch of Nutley Confectionery located in Ponk area of ​​Tehran. The refrigerators of this branch, which were equipped in the past by another company and team, were replaced by checking the facilities, familiarizing ourselves with modern equipment and our experienced team.

In the Nutley confectionery project, 8 refrigerators equipped in terms of facilities, compatibility with long-term storage conditions of all kinds of cakes and pastries, resistance and durability, and even beauty and harmony with the decoration are superior to the previous storage system and refrigerators, and with unique features, all expectations They satisfy the customer with an equipped refrigerator suitable for confectionery. But what are these features?

The unique features of the refrigerators equipped in the Nutley confectionery project

1. The refrigerators equipped during the Nutley confectionery project have a cold humidity system. This mechanism is completely suitable for the storage conditions of the ingredients in the confectionery and is considered a great advantage over other refrigerators. The refrigerator with a cold humidity system preserves the freshness, softness of the texture of all kinds of cakes and sweets and increases its shelf life significantly.

2. In terms of body and appearance, all the refrigerators are of the best quality and have remarkable harmony with the interior decoration and the theme of the store.

3. Standard and appropriate dimensions of refrigerators are among their other positive features. The length of the 8 equipped refrigerators is equal to the standard size of 2 meters and its width is 140 cm. The useful internal space of the refrigerator with a volume of 192 cm has the ability to store 7 cakes and sweets.

4. NoFrost system is one of the important mechanisms of confectionery refrigerators, which is well equipped in these refrigerators. In this system, despite the cooling panels, no frost is observed in the refrigerator.

5. The glasses used in the refrigerators are double-glazed and have argon gas. The presence of gas between the glasses causes a significant decrease in thermal conductivity and heat penetration into the cool space inside the refrigerator.

6. The resistant floors inside the refrigerator are made of unbreakable glass of 10 mil strength.

7. The compressors used in the refrigerators are all positive 3.4 scap compressors or the former Danfoss compressors, the best compressors in the world today.

8. The refrigerator thermostat is a quality and durable curl thermostat made in Italy, which is one of the best and most expensive thermostats.

9. The problem of refrigerator door, low durability, lack of fluidity, and difficulty in working are among the most common problems of confectionery refrigerators, which have been solved well with the smooth and sliding door of these refrigerators.

final word

It is our honor that we have completed the project of equipping the refrigerators of the last confectionery branch with the trust and satisfaction of Nutley’s CEO, Mr. Zehtap, and we are looking to equip other branches and replace the old refrigerators of some branches that have already been equipped under new contracts.

The decision is to replace the inefficient and old refrigerators of the numerous branches of the large Nutley confectionery one by one with the advanced refrigerators of the collection. Because these refrigerators with modern technologies are suitable for the confectionery space and have a significant effect on the durability, freshness and softness of all kinds of cakes and sweets, and they are also useful and efficient in terms of dimensions, overall design and appearance.











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