Qandil confectionery project

Qandil confectionery project


About Qandil confectionery project

Employer: Mr. Salehi’s employer

Qandil confectionery project has been implemented in Qeshm Island. Qeshm Island has different weather conditions compared to other weather regions of the country.

The climate of this geographical area is very hot, so the structure of the refrigerators sent to this area must be in such a way that it matches the weather conditions of this area and can meet the needs of the customer or the orderer.

The employer of the Qandil Confectionery project is Mr. Salehi, and a total of eight refrigerators and showcases have been delivered to them, which include fully decorated standing refrigerators.

Inside these types of refrigerators, special mirrors are used for storing and displaying cakes. Also, the internal and external space of these types of refrigerators are fully equipped with stainless steel coating, which makes their internal and external bodies have the necessary strength and do not get damaged.

The showcases for storing dry sweets are also designed in such a way that stainless steel and stainless steel are used to cover the interior and exterior of the work.

Due to the extreme humidity in the climate of Qeshm Island, it is necessary to use steels that do not get colored in any way in the structure of the refrigerators used in this area.

Also, in this project, refrigerators have been delivered, which are equipped with a cold humidity system and for storing fresh sweets.

The interior and exterior of this type of refrigerator are completely covered with stainless steel to increase the strength of the work significantly.













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