Qazvin Nan Khamei confectionery project

Qazvin Nan Khamei confectionery

About Qazvin Nan Khamei confectionery project branch 1 and 2

Employer: Mr. Behzad Wali Mohammadi

In this article, we describe the details of the Qazvin Nan Khamei confectionery project, branches 1 and 2, for the client, Mr. Behzad Vali Mohammadi. At first, this project was to equip Qazvin cream bread branch 2, which finally coordinated the decor and design of the refrigerators with the shop’s decoration and theme, and due to obtaining the employer’s consent to equip branch 2, the decision to equip one confectionery branch was also followed. had.

The design of the refrigerators and showcases in this shop is completely in accordance with the theme and its interior decoration with black and yellow colors and all the devices are of very high quality. After equipping branch 2, the project owner was so satisfied with the quality and decor design of the refrigerators that they immediately decided to equip branch 1 and replace its refrigerators.

During this project, a total of 18 refrigerators and showcases were delivered to the confectionary, these devices include: cube refrigerators for storing and displaying cakes equipped with a cold humidity system, cube refrigerators for storing and displaying fresh sweets with a cold humidity system to preserve freshness and The aroma and taste of sweets, cubic showcases for storing and displaying dry sweets, interior showcases are completely set and coordinated with refrigerators and showcases, sub-zero and above-zero cold stores.

It is worth mentioning that the Qazvin Nan Khamei confectionery project is one of our most stylish projects, which quality images are presented to you.












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