Ram Baba Confectionery Project

Ram Baba Confectionery Project

About Ram Baba Confectionery Project

Employer: Dear Mr. Delsoz

The next project that we are going to deal with, one of the most beautiful projects in the collection, is the Ram Baba confectionery project located in Azimieh Karaj. During this project, 14 refrigerators and showcases have been sent to Ram Baba Confectionery.

These 14 devices include: refrigerators for storing cakes and sweets with cold humidity (cold humidity system is one of the most important options of a confectionery refrigerator that preserves the freshness and delicate texture of all kinds of cakes and sweets), show cake refrigerators with a height of 110 for storing desserts and cupcakes, showcases for storing dry sweets, free standing freezers for storing ice cream and polymer clay, showcases for storing fantasy bread with full wooden interior and all-steel freezer work tables for workshops

It is worth noting that thermo wood is used in all the products and the overall design of the devices is perfectly suited to the decor of Ram Baba’s shop.










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