Sweet Palace confectionery project

Sweet Palace confectionery



About Sweet Palace Confectionery

Employer: Mr. Maleki

Area : Farjam West Tehran

The project I want to talk about is Sweet Palace confectionery located in Farjam West Street in Tehran. The employer of this project is Mr. Maleki. Sweet Palace Confectionery is one of the most beautiful designs implemented by our company.

A total of 8 refrigerators and showcases have been provided to them, including two two-meter refrigerators with a height of 140 cm, which are specially designed for storing sweets and are equipped with a cold humidity system. Also, two 140 cm high showcases for storing dry sweets, two 2 m 140 cm high cake showcases for storing cupcakes and desserts, and two fully decorated 2 m standing refrigerators, with mirror work inside, for storage The cake has been placed in the interior of this project, which is one of the most beautiful projects done by us. The introduction of this project in the virtual space has been welcomed by those who follow our page or site.















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