Tabrizi Nab confectionery project

Tabrizi Nab confectionery

About Tabrizi Nab confectionery

Employer: Mr. Saidi

Area: Karaj Mehrshahr

One of the most recent completed projects in this collection is Tabrizi pure sweets project, located in Mehrshahr Karaj. This project is one of the most luxurious and luxurious projects that were successfully completed in our collection. The employer of Tabrizi pure sweet project is Mr. Saidi. All the refrigerators and showcases of this bakery have been provided by our group. In total, 14 showcases have been considered for this confectionery. Some of the devices used are:

  • Tall refrigerators for storing cakes with a cold humidity system
  • Special refrigerators for storing sweets with cold humidity system
  • Special showcases for storing dry sweets
  • Special showcases for storing fancy bread (inside wood)
  • Show Cake refrigerators, for storing desserts and cupcakes (with a height of 110 meters)
  • And…

One of the attractions of this project, compared to other projects of colleagues, is the use of refrigerators that are perfectly suited to the decor of Nab Trezi confectionery. We have used all our efforts during the implementation of this project, in addition to providing refrigerators with quality systems, we have also significantly increased the beauty and attractiveness of the shop. The decor of this bakery is exemplary in its kind.

The necessity of humidification system in confectionery refrigerators

The refrigerators recommended for storing Tabrizi’s Nab sweets confectionery cakes all have a humidification system. These systems help to maintain the quality of cakes. One of the main reasons that distinguish confectioneries from each other is the quality of their sweets. If the confectionery refrigerators have a standard humidification system, you can store cakes and pastries for a longer period of time in the refrigerators. Shirini Naab Tabrizi, under the patronage of Mr. Saeedi, is another project that we managed to complete with our efforts and perseverance and the satisfaction of the client. For more information, contact us through the listed numbers.









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