Tiffany confectionery project

Tiffany confectionery

About Tiffany confectionery

Employer: Mr. Asgari

Area : Velanjak, Tehran

Tiffany sweets project is one of the best and most stylish projects that has been done till date. This project has been implemented in one of the best parts of Tehran, Valenjak area.

The employer of this project was Mr. Asgari, who had a good cooperation with the project managers during the execution of this project and left the hands of the project managers very open in the costs of the decor implementation for the proper implementation of the project. The decor designer really left no stone unturned in the initial design by using all the available elements and presented a quality design for implementation.

For the arrangement of the refrigerators, due to the sensitivity of Mr. Asgari, the owner of the project, who wanted the project to be carried out with high quality, the site of the project was visited several times. During these visits, consultative opinions were exchanged several times about the arrangement of refrigerators, the best arrangement and the best decor, so that finally such a beautiful project is completed.

The Tiffany project is equipped with the new products of Iran Steel Collection, which is equipped with an advanced system of better humidification and a wonderful view and 100% glass.

A total of 14 confectionery refrigerators were delivered to Mr. Asgari for the Tiffany Confectionery project, which includes cake refrigerators, cake coolers, bread showcases, and fully decorated standing refrigerators for storing and displaying cakes. Also, the pastry and cake workshop of this complex on the second floor of Tiffany’s pastry shop was equipped with suitable machines.

In addition, confectionery work tables, freezer work tables and confectionery equipment were equipped according to the priority of this collection so that finally a quality project with a beautiful visual appearance was completed.












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