Vanik confectionery project

Vanik confectionery project

About Vanik confectionery project

Employer: Mr. Shafiei

The project that we are going to describe in detail below is the Shirini Vanik equipment project located in Tehran, Shahr Ray and for Mr. Shafiei’s employer. In this project, Vanik Confectionery is equipped with 8 refrigerators and showcases, which include a 2-meter cube refrigerator with a height of 160 for storing and displaying all kinds of cakes and cube refrigerators with a length of 1.5 meters and a height of 140 cm, both equipped with a cold humidity system. , special for display and storage of wet sweets, 1.5 meter cubic showcases with a height of 140, special for storage and display of dry sweets, one meter long scale showcases, sub-zero and above-zero cold storages.

One of the advantages of the refrigerators equipped in this project is the excellent coordination of the appearance of the refrigerators with the design of the store. Like other projects, Vanik’s pastry refrigerators were designed completely according to the cave decor and created an interesting decor in harmony with the interior decoration of the shop.

In the following, you can see the eye-catching pictures of this confectionery.










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